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Priority 1 – critical errors
Reaction/Resolution: 1h/8h
Description: This is an error which seriously affects your operations for a group of users. Typical cases are: unavailability of the entire software, unavailability of critical functionality, inability to carry out a critical process in the system, damage to or loss of important data.
Priority 2 – high priority errors
Reaction/Resolution: 2h/16h
Description: These are serious issues which affect only one user (errors in user license, unavailability of critical functionality, inability to carry out a critical process in the system).
Priority 3 – normal priority errors
Reaction/Resolution: 4h/Best Effort
Description: Characterized as an error in the system having only slight effect on your daily operations or an error which can be easily worked around by a user. It usually refers to the fact that the system is functioninig in a sub-optimal way.

Service window

These are the times when our team is available for you and busy working on your support tickets.
Typical service window is:
– Monday-Friday
– 8:00 a.m. – 6 p.m. your local time.
– Excluding bank holidays in your country
Some of the customers use the following upgrades:
– 24h/7 service window only for critical errors
– Service window Monday-Friday but in extended hours (starting before 8 a.m. and finishing after 6 p.m.)
– Service window extended to Saturdays


Part of our job in many helpdesk contracts is to automate our work as much as possible. We introduce algorythms which inform us about system breakdowns or unfinished jobs in the application. This way we are less likely to miss something important and don’t need to be on a constant lookout for failures and underperformance.
Most popular automations include:
• Every morning checking a job queue to find items which failed to complete its operation
• Twice a day generate a report on CPU/RAM/HDD status
• Send a notification when the whole service is down
On your part, you will be supplied with a Customer Portal where you can search through a rich database of articles on how to solve the most common problems. This way you will be able to speed up things and get a simple issue fixed without contacting our team.

Comunication channels

It’s very easy to get in touch with us. You can choose from the following options.
Helpdesk Portal
This is so good that it deserves an article of its own. In short helpdesk portal enables you to effortlessly register new tickets and browse through a vast knowledge base to search for solutions on your own.
At the start of our co-operation you will be supplied with a dedicated phone number and a single point of contact in our team, who will be responsible for our helpdesk contract.
You can also register your tickets through a dedicated email address, which will be automatically synchronized with our helpdesk software.

Helpdesk team

We have a helpdesk team operating in a few locations in Poland. What makes them unique is their customer-first attitude and vast experience in providing useful answers to even the most complex isues for a variety of customers.

Customer portal 4me

Our Customer Portal is meant to take you from Question to Answer as fast as possible. Each customer is asked to nominate 2-3 users who will be granted access to the Portal this way controlling the number of people who can register new issues.
With our Customer Portal you can expect:
Very straighforward process of registering new tickets
Registering the ticket directly into our helpdesk system (no need for our technicians to manually insert data – they will receive an inquiry which is ready to work on and which triggers the SLA automatically)
Access to vast knowledge base – while typing your issue description, relevant knowledge base articles will pop up
Insight into the full history of your helpdesk service (registered issues, communication done through the Portal, resolved and pending issues, etc.)


We use powerful reporting tools which enable us to generate the following reports for our customers at the end of each month:
Number of tickets registered
Ticket priorities
Tickets solved (%)
Tickets solved on-time (%)
Average response time
Average resolution time
and many more…
On demand we can make review of pending tickets and help you optimize your support spendings by sharing best helpdesk practices with your users.

Fix Price Contract

Our service is available at an affordable fix rate per month. You can choose for the following packages:
– BRONZE: 4h per month
– SILVER: 8h per month (most popular)
– GOLD: 16h per month
– ON DEMAND: whatever works for you
This way your investment in helpdesk is predictable and if you fail to to utilize the whole package in a given month, the remaining hours will be available to you for the following 3 months.